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Configuring strongSwan under CentOS for use with FRITZ!Box 7490 IPSec VPN via PSK

Hi there! This post will explain what I had to do to get strongSwan establishing a VPN connection to my FRITZ!Box. I have the following setup: I wanted the server “trampusch.info” to tunnel in my local network, so that it is reachable under a local IPv4 address, e.g. I have some use cases that only work with targets in my local network, e.g. file transfer via SMB. After some research I decided to use strongSwan as the client software.

Hacking X Rebirth for fun and education

Hi there! The last two days I had a lot of fun hacking a game called X Rebirth. The task seemed simple: I wanted to see my current in game money on e.g. my tablet. Another use case would be to use excel to analyze the changes of my in game money or draw diagrams based on the money. So, how can one access the in game money? One could use the in game scripting engine and write debug logs (german thread in the official game forum).

Mass case conversion of wrong cased XML content with sed

I recently had the problem of converting a huge XML containing liquibase database migrations. The problem was, that the database migration failed in our CI environment. The problem was caused by the ignored casing in our development databases, while the CI database operated case sensitive.